Slum's Education and Health Social Welfare Association

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i am gospel preacher and president of this association and i am serving the Lord with the world map (USA) as publication manager(publication ministry) besides social welfare work to evangelise reached and unreached/gentiles.I can teach/train western preachers the eastern culture to evangelise in Pakistan/Asia.Because it very important and necessay training for them to become a successful preacher and ministry in Asia.I have worked with some western organisations and observed that they spend many years in these countries but cannot acheive the given mission targets due to unawareness of culture and society.I am language teacher also.I know 3 languages , English,urdu,German, a little bit Arabic and Persian.

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  • (PK) Evangelical Fellp. of Pakistan
  • 1) Church of Pakistan 2) CAMPUS CRUSADE 3) CHILD EVANGELISM international (usa) 4) Pakistan Bible society international ( Uk ) 5) THE WORLD MAP 3025 N,TARRA AVENUE PRESCOTT AZ 86305 ARIZONA ,USA