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Detalles del Curso: Business Administration (BS)

Idioma de este formulario English (USA)
Nombre del Curso Business Administration (BS)
Tipo de Curso Programa con múltiples cursos
Número de referencia fwbbc3
Descripción The College offers programs to prepare Christian men and women for careers in business. On the one hand, there is need for people thus prepared to serve in Christian organizations: churches, schools, and various agencies. On the other hand, many Christians who feel that their calling is to the secular business world need to be equipped not only for that vocation but also for effective witness and ministry, both in the workplace and as lay leaders in their churches. The programs offered here will provide that kind of education, combining a Biblical orientation for life and service, a solid base of general education and a thorough business curriculum. The department offers both a four-year baccalaureate degree in business administration and a two-year associate’s degree; it also offers a basic computer course included in the general education component of all degree programs. Bachelor of Science Degree, Major in Business Administration (M.B.A. Preparation, Economics, Leadership, and General Business Emphasis) This program provides broad preparation in three areas: professional business courses, general education, and Biblical studies. The program includes a broad range of courses in business administration. The student who completes this program should be well prepared for a career in business, for either a secular firm or a Christian organization, or for graduate school in the field. This curriculum also serves as an excellent pre-law program (see page 100). Emphasis on the spiritual growth and development of each student, and on the importance of Christian witness and service in the world of work, is a unique feature of this program in its Bible College setting. Specific objectives include those stated elsewhere in the catalog for the major in Biblical Studies (page 47) and for the General Education core (page 85). In addition, the student who successfully completes the program should be able to: (1) demonstrate a broad knowledge of general business principles, skills, and techniques; (2) understand the legal environment within which businesses operate; (3) analyze and apply economic theories and principles to present-day situations; (4) apply basic financial and accounting principles to the needs of business; (5) understand the principles and problems involved in the management and operation of businesses, including the planning, organization, and controlling of work as well as supervision of employees; (6) understand and apply the principles and techniques of retail business activities: including advertising, marketing, and selling; (7) apply oral and written communication skills in a business environment; (8) integrate computer skills and techniques into business decision making. (9) evaluate ethical dilemmas with Biblical foundations for ethical decisions.
Palabras clave Business, Leadership, Administration
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País y región donde el curso es disponible United States / Tennessee
Categoría y Sub-categoría Transforming Society (Leadership, Education, Government) / Leadership and Management; Caring for People and the World / Business, Finance and Service Industries
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Nivel Degree
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