A searchable multi-lingual database of evangelical Bible colleges - and pastoral, theological and missionary training programmes, courses and resources world-wide - to help you find the training you need to serve the Lord.


Subscriptions to the Evangelical Training Directory (ETD)

The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is offering all members of Evangelical Accrediting Agencies and National Evangelical Alliances and Evangelical Missionary Alliances - which form part of the WEA family - an entry on the Evangelical Training Directory with details of one training programme, free of charge, as a service to the Lord’s people worldwide. If you would like to list more than one programme, the WEA asks that you contribute a modest annual subscription which will help defray the costs of running the Directory. Setting up a subscription through PayPal greatly helps us simplify the process of collecting them so we would really appreciate your cooperation in this.

There are many benefits of adding your programmes: information about your training on the ETD may be viewed by hundreds or thousands of potential students each year and these people are directed to your website for more information. The ETD is run by the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) as a central database of evangelical training worldwide and forms part of the WEA website, so each programme has exposure there as well as related evangelical alliance websites round the world, the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE), the International Missionary Training Network of the WEA Mission Commission and the World Bible College Directory - www.biblecollegedirectory.org. You have your own password protected access to add details of your training programmes, and update your own ETD mini-website with a logo, photographs and videos. The site is available in 20 languages.

Please note your level of contribution according to following chart below and then use the buttons below to send your subscription.


  • The subscription is based on the total annual income of the organization, not just the income from training.
  • Please send any queries by clicking here.
Organization Income Just one programme More than one programme (or adding a logo, photographs or videos)
Under US $50k / £40k / €45k Free US $15 / £12 / €14
Up to US $250k / £200k / €225k Free US $30 / £24 / €27
Up to US $1M / £800k / €900k Free US $50 / £40 / €45
Up to US $5M / £4M / €M4.5 Free US $90 / £72 / €84
Over US $5M / £4M / €M4.5 Free US $150 / £120 / €140


Please choose appropriate income level, and write the name of your organization and country in the Comments.


Thank you very much! May God bless you always.