Biblical Life Institute

Programme Detail: Composition I

Language of this entry English (UK, International)
Name of Programme / Training Resource Composition I
Type of Training Individual standalone programme
Reference Number EN 111
Description This class will review standard English grammar and study how to compose clear, well-structured and grammatically correct composition.
Keywords liberal arts; composition
Languages Programme Available in English (UK, International)
Other Languages
Country and region where programme is available United States / Pennsylvania
Area of Ministry and Focus Transforming Culture, Arts and the Media / Languages and Literature
Residential/Non Residential Mixed
Full-time or Part-time Part-time
Level Diploma
Cost Range From US$10,000 to less than US$100,000
Actual Cost $375
Bursaries/scholarships available Yes
Actual Length semester
Average hours of study per week 12
Methods of instruction lecture; writing of compositions and research
Percentage of time spent in formal learning (e.g. lectures, structured reading, work-books, etc.) 90%
Percentage of time spent on non-formal skill-based learning (e.g. learning on the job and supervised practice, etc.) 0
Percentage of time spent in informal unstructured learning (e.g. prayer times, teamwork). varies
Average number of students who take the programme per year (or, if this is a new programme, the number who can be accommodated) 6
Prerequisite Programmes
Other Prerequisites
Qualifications gained 3 units
Qualifications this programme is part of four-year diploma program
Programme Accredited by
Other Accrediting Bodies Affiliate Member of ABHE