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Detalles del Curso: ACCESS - Caring for Your Missionaries

Idioma de este formulario English (USA)
Nombre del Curso ACCESS - Caring for Your Missionaries
Tipo de Curso Programa con múltiples cursos
Número de referencia TI-ACCESS(C)
Descripción Our ACCESS Program—Assisting and Coaching Churches to Effectively Send and Sustain—helps churches sharpen their focus and skills in Global Outreach. This particular Saturday seminar challenges, educates and equips churches to take excellent care of their cross-cultural workers. The apostle John wrote to Gaius, “You will do well to send them on their way in a manner worthy of God. For they went out for the sake of the Name...??? Today, we need more such people, those who actively care for the needs of missionaries who are dedicating their lives “for the sake of the Name.???
Palabras clave training, coaching, church consult, church consultant, church consulting, church coaching, church coach, missions coach, member care, missionary care, missionary, holistic care, missionary support, missionary counseling
Disponible en el Idioma English (UK, International); English (USA)
Otros idiomas (que no aparecen en la lista arriba) None
País y región donde el curso es disponible United States / Countrywide
Categoría y Sub-categoría Pastoral Encouragement and Counselling / Marriage and Family Guidance; Pastoral Encouragement and Counselling / Children's Ministry; Mission and Evangelism / Missionary Team Care and Skills
Residencial/No-residencial No-residencial
A tiempo completo o parcial A tiempo parcial
Nivel Doctorate
Categoría de Costo US$100,000 or more
Costo Actual Price list on website; $500 for 1-11 participants, $45/person for 12-30 participants, $40/person for 31+
Becas disponibles
Largo actual Scheduled Seminar: Friday + Saturday or Saturday only
Promedio de horas de estudio por semana 12
Métodos de instrucción This seminar is aimed at church staff, church leaders and church members interested in global missions and desiring to define, refine or grow their church's missions program. Having strategic goals and focus for global impact rallies a church to be effective in global engagement and congregational involvement.
Porcentaje del tiempo llevado en la enseñanza formal (p.ej. clases, libros programados, etc.) 40
Porcentaje del tiempo llevado en la enseñanza no-informal en habilidades prácticas (p.ej. aprendizaje en la obra, práctica supervisada, etc.) 20
Porcentaje del tiempo llevado en la enseñanza informal espontánea, sin structura (p.ej. tiempos de oración, trabajo en equipo) 40
Promedio de alumnos que toma esta clase por año (o, si es un curso nuevo, el número de alumnos que podrán tomarla) 200
Cursos pre-requisitos None
Otros Pre-requisitos Seminars should include a broad cross-section of church leadership: elders, staff, lay leaders, missions team or committee. This enables more effective implementation of content and more nimble decision-making for strategy development.
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