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Booth University College

Detalles del Curso: Social Work (BA)

Idioma de este formulario English (USA)
Nombre del Curso Social Work (BA)
Tipo de Curso Programa con múltiples cursos
Número de referencia booth6
Descripción Social work is a professional program, equipping you with the knowledge, values and skills to look at the world around you and identify the oppression and social injustice that exists. Social workers draw on a natural love of working with people to challenge injustice in society, and make the world a place where there is enough for all. Social Workers build on the inherent strengths and abilities in individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations to facilitate change, bringing people and society to a place of optimal functioning. We are not just about changing people, but about changing our world. We help to make the world a better place for everyone to live in, where all have a place at the table, and all are given what they need; and contribute what they are able. In our Social Work Program, learning takes place within an intentionally Christian academic environment that fosters awareness of and respect for diversity and other traditions. Graduates of the program operate under the auspices of the Canadian Association of Social Work Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. WHY STUDY SOCIAL WORK? Are you someone who has always been interested in helping others? Are you looking for a career that is diverse, challenging and rewarding? Are you motivated to address social injustices and work for social change? Do you have a heart of compassion, a head for solutions, and hands ready to dig in and get dirty? Studying to become a professional Social Worker equips you to get involved and make a difference in the world around you. The completion of the Social Work Program will open your eyes to both the needs and the strengths of the vulnerable in our society, and will motivate you with the compassion to enter in, and the skills to draw on these strengths to facilitate change. The social work program encourages the development of the following skills and abilities: To collaborate with and empower individuals, families, groups, or communities to make changes to enhance or restore social functioning. To identify injustice and oppression and to advocate for changes in society to address these.To work professionally in a broad range of helping roles – in schools, personal care homes, hospitals, the justice system, government, communities, etc. To use intervention strategies like counselling, advocacy, case management, supervision, community development, education, mediation, and facilitation.
Palabras clave Social Work
Disponible en el Idioma English (USA)
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País y región donde el curso es disponible Canada / Manitoba
Categoría y Sub-categoría Transforming Culture, Arts and the Media / History, Philosophy and Other Humanities; Caring for People and the World / Caring for Children and the Vulnerable
Residencial/No-residencial Residencial
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Nivel Degree
Categoría de Costo US$100,000 or more
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